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Back In The Day – Gig 2 – Happy Mondays – April 7th 1990
Photo by You Tube
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Probably the first large event I attended and one I will never forget. Having a very mixed up teenage musical experience consisting of liking Goth, Grunge and Madchester it sometimes amazes me how I managed to like it all at the same time. The Happy Mondays were my way into Madchester, for me even before The Stone Roses appeared I had watched a video of Happy Mondays play live, 2 particular songs Kuff Dam and Tart Tart I absolutely loved. Shaun’s voice was obviously so unique and that appealed to me as I had recently started listening to Joy Division too, better late than never!! Well, before long this music changed the whole UK music scene forever, literally overnight. Eagerly I awaited Top of the Pops on a Thursday anticipating that Happy Mondays and Stone Roses were going to be on. OH MY GOD! You seriously do not know how rare that was back then, there were NO indie bands that had chart success apart from Depeche Mode! Son on came Shaun in black looking cool and they banged out Hallelujah, the single mix and I was totally hooked. The Lord only knows how many times I repeat played that on video. Bez was mesmerising too, so much so my friend and I next day at school couldn’t talk about anything else.

Anyway, we of course had to see them as soon as was humanly possible and my friend arranged for his Dad to take us from rural Worcestershire to Wembley Arena to see them. Seemed such a long way away but oh so worth it. We queued and queued and queued and queued some more just to get to the front, running across the floor to get to the front barrier. It was such a long wait, so long I think we actually smoked some cigarettes there, couldn’t do that nowadays! I remember the band finally coming on and literally I just got squashed and couldn’t move. The surge kept on coming, wave after wave, but all I kept thinking was that Bez was staring at me but of course he was just staring at everything. All great gigs for me leave you thinking “yes they played everything I wanted to hear” and they didn’t let me down. Here is the setlist from that magical night :

We were the talk of the town next day as the first kids from our year to have ever gone to a gig so everyone was asking loads of questions. I had bought a bright pink tshirt with Happy Mondays multi coloured bubble writing on it and insisted on wearing it underneath my school shirt knowing it would get seen, think this was the start of teenage rebellion! Haha.

Happy Days!!! No actually better than that, HAPPY MONDAYS!



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Penned by Stephen Lee
Fri, 30 Apr 2021 @ 12:41


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