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We are proud to announce the first step of our new initiative of giving back to grassroots venues from secondary ticketing. Ever since the inauguration of the Fair Ticketing Alliance 3 years ago it has been one of the campaign aims to license responsible traders and to create a pipeline fund from part of those license fees to give back to the venues.

Well as we all know it takes a long time to get any legislation through parliament, especially in the current climate, so instead of wait, here at Gigtix we have decided to be proactive and create a precursor to the proposed license fee fund. This will be in the form of a £1 charity donation from every sale made on the Gigtix website, the proceeds of which will go to the Music Venues Trust who do invaluable work in keeping open grassroots venues which we all love and hold so dear. Not only are these venues for our enjoyment but they are the lifeblood of new talent and performers, giving them a platform on which to build their careers. They are vital to our vibrant and precious live music and comedy scene.

In the past we have relied on donating to crowdfunding campaigns but in the event of Covid 19 this seemed like it wasn’t enough anymore. So a big thankyou to Music Venue Trust for embracing us and hopefully this is the first step on attracting more to do the same, we definitely know of other interested parties in carrying out a similar donation setup, so lets hope this is the start of something good and something BIG!


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Supporting Music Venue Trust
Penned by Stephen Lee
Fri, 04 Jun 2021 @ 13:11


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